Long-term care in British Columbia is regulated by provincial law and specifically, the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. In addition, there is an Assisted Living Registry that issues registrations for residences that wish to fall under this category, offering assisted living services to more than two persons.

The Community Care and Assisted Living Act sets forth things like the standards that are required, inspections, and what is required to keep a licence or even to lose one. Also covered are duties of those working in such as residence and who may or may not live there.

The Registry also provides information, monitors those operating a long-term care community, does inspections, investigates, and publishes information on substantiated complaints and those communities which are operating unlawfully.

The Registry attempts to conduct its business in a fair and transparent way, with an eye to protecting those residents who live in long-term care. The Registry wants to make sure that communities operate appropriately in the law protecting the health of safety of residents, and the Registry also wants to weed out as  soon as possible, those communities who are not in compliance. That said, BC Public Health can dictate rules in emergency situations such as during COVID-19 (wearing masks).

Seniors First BC, a senior advocacy group, publishes a free manual that covers many issues concerning the rights of those in a long-term community.



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