There has been too much unreliable information floating around as of late about the COVID-19 vaccine; so, let’s focus instead on what the covid vaccine rollout might mean for you—with information from trusted sources.

One concern that people may have is regarding potential side-effects to the vaccine. According to the Government of Canada Public Health Services, it’s common to experience some side-effects after receiving the vaccination. This is the body’s immune response kicking into action. These side-effects often mimic the symptoms of the virus itself; your body is preparing the same defences that it might if it encountered the real thing. It’s normal to experience a mild fever, flu-like symptoms, or tenderness at the injection site; these typically clear up within a few hours or days—far preferable to having the virus! There is the negligible chance of more severe side-effects, or the one-in-a-million chance of an allergic reaction, but these are treatable, and very very rare.

Some of the residents and staff from The Hamlets at Red Deer, Westsyde, and Cedarwood have already received their vaccines. Kelsey Medhurst is an assisted-living, care coordinator at The Hamlets at Westsyde; she was the first among many to be vaccinated as the rollout took place in Kamloops. In order to protect the most vulnerable segments of the population, long-term care home workers and the elderly have been prioritized to receive the vaccine.

Irene and Arnold Pipke, who are residents at The Hamlets at Red Deer, were among the first in their community to receive the vaccine.  They’re hopeful that it will allow them to get together with family for their 70th Anniversary in August.

All signs indicate that the vaccine is indeed a good idea to protect yourself and loved ones. Some side-effects may occur, but they are hardly comparable to the effects of coming down with Covid-19. Everyone would like to see a return to a normal world, and hopefully the vaccine rollout spells the start of a time when we can return to that so-longed-for normalcy.

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