Therapeutic recreation, or T.R., is an innovative field that has lately gained prominence as a way to address a gap between various forms of therapy. T.R. allows individuals with specific, manageable barriers to engage in activities that might otherwise be inaccessible.

What Is Therapeutic Recreation?

Alternatively called Recreational Therapy, it isn’t quite physical therapy, and it’s not quite recreation either—it’s a hybrid of the two that draws on the benefits of each. There are different types of T.R. with different goals. In general, T.R. engages an individual to move their body, or some part of it, for curative, rehabilitative, or maintenance purposes while drawing on the fun aspect of the recreation side. This approach keeps participants challenged and stimulated, but within their comfort zone and enjoying the activity.

In the context of senior care, T.R. can take many forms. For just a few examples:

  • Card games practice manual dexterity and cognitive thinking skills
  • Arts and crafts exercise fine motor skills and creative abilities
  • Musical activities rely on sensory input and concentration
  • Dance helps practice locomotion and coordination

Why Is It Important

T.R. is important because it provides a stepping stone for those who might not otherwise be able to engage in recreational physical activities. It is patient-focused and tailored first and foremost to the needs of each participant. The end goal is most often to help a person maintain, or return to, a level of personal involvement and enjoyment in activities with a physical component.

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