Winter can be a difficult time of year for many seniors, both living independently or even in assisted living care homes. While residential care communities in AB and BC will work to keep seniors safe during the Winter months, here are some tips on how you can assist elderly loved ones this winter season.

Make Sure They Stay Warm
Winter is cold, and the young and elderly both have more difficulty with moderating their body temperature. This means that elderly are more at risk when out in cold temperatures. Help your loved one this winter by making sure if they plan to go outside, they are well equipped with warm clothing, gloves and a hat that protects them from the cold.

Reduce Risks for Falls
Continuing on keeping your loved one physically safe, you will want to make sure you take steps to reduce the risk of falling. If your loved one enjoys going for walks outside, make sure they have proper footwear to reduce the risk of a slip or fall. While assisted living care homes will ensure their grounds are salted and safe, make sure you do the same or are vigilant with other places your loved one may go.

Keep Them Socially Engaged
Of course, staying mentally and socially safe is just as important as physical. Winter can be difficult, and the “Winter Blues” or depression is a serious concern. Assist your elderly loved one this winter by making sure you are regularly checking in on them, with thoughtful and meaningful visits. Encourage them to also participate in groups and social events as well.

With a bit of extra care this winter by following these tips, you can easily keep your elderly loved one safe and happy.