A sense of community is very important for the mental health of seniors. As we age, many seniors often feel more and more isolated. Over the years friends, relatives, and partners die. Children and grandchildren grow up and move away. Many of us retire from our jobs and can end up feeling disenfranchised.

This is why a sense of community is very important for the mental health of seniors. With a sense of community we have a sense of belonging. The sense of community plays an important role in social functioning. And our mental health affects our physical health.

Social Creatures

Humans want to have social connections and feel part of something bigger. When a retirement environment fosters a sense of community, seniors are happier there. They feel better mentally and do better physically. The sense of community is what enables friendships to happen and new skills to be acquired.


If we move to a new environment, we need friends. We need to feel a connection with others. A sense of community and a staff that concentrate on the inclusiveness of everyone is what makes for a happy and healthy atmosphere.


The sense of community is created by design. Activities are planned that will appeal to many individuals. Some activities may be in conjunction with the community at large in order to expand social circles and horizons.

A sense of community operates like a feedback loop. The more people feel like they belong, the more they are happy to participate in more activities. The more engaged the seniors are, the happier and healthier they are mentally and physically. We work hard to create a sense of community in all of our residential care environments.

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