Building Healthcare infrastructure has always been important work, and never more so than today while we grapple as a society to deal effectively with the Corona Virus and Covid-19.

The Hamlets at Duncan Designated an Essential Service Project.

The Hamlets at Duncan Designated an Essential Service Project.

In these extraordinary times, an effective response to the Coronavirus pandemic is the key objective of our health system and society. The timely construction of healthcare facilities is essential to an effective health systems response. The construction of The Hamlets at Duncan, with the addition of 80 government-funded Long-Term Care beds, has been deemed an essential service. The expedited construction is part of Island Health’s Covid-9 pandemic response. In a time where workplace safety and travel must be closely balanced against proactively preparing for an ongoing fight against this virus, we are extremely grateful for Island Health’s support in this manner and hope that it helps all workers as they allocate resources and project priorities.

Thank you workers

Thank You to the Workers

We would like to take a moment to thank all of the workers for everyone’s keen attention to ensuring that the worksite remains safe for all who are attending, and for all of your efforts at ensuring we keep the Hamlets at Duncan construction project progressing as quickly and efficiently as possible. Together we will get through this and provide a badly needed residence to aid Island Health in caring for its constituents and our neighbours.



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