Senior care is a vital part of both seniors and their family’s lives. We all want the best care for our seniors to allow them to live comfortably and to be well taken care of. With the wide array of individual needs of seniors, such as age, mobility, illnesses and more, senior care management is more important than ever to determine what level of care is best for each individual.

Senior Care Management
There are many types of senior care communities that are on offer in Canada these days, each with differing types and levels of service. These options include home health care, independent care, and assisted living homes. This is a big change from the days of the nursing home, as the need for various options and level of care has become more prevalent.
As the population of seniors continues to grow, both due to advances in health care, and also the baby boomer generation, it becomes more and more important to have senior care communities that are well suited for the unique level of care that each resident requires. Senior care management can help to determine which level of care is best for an individual, plan the next stages and transitional steps, and monitor and adapt needs as needed.

Senior Care Communities
Canada has also seen a shift from senior homes being a “facility” to becoming a community. Many elders in Canada are becoming more willing and more happy to enter into these communities, not only for the health services they provide, but for the recreational and social benefits. Many care communities offer a full calendar of events, trips, and social gatherings. The people who live together in these communities quickly become good friends, and even second family to one another.

As the population of Canada continues to age, more and more people will require varying levels of senior care. Thankfully, The Hamlets and other first class care communities will be available to continue to provide excellent, and respectful care, to our treasured seniors.