With the ever growing senior population, there has been a need for new technologies to be developed to help the senior care communities in AB, BC and elsewhere. For those in the senior care communities in BC and AB, these technologies will help to improve health and keep you well cared for. Here are some of these technologies that have helped to care for seniors.

New GPS Technology
Global Positioning Systems have recently started to be utilized to help assist with senior care. With advanced accuracy in location detection, GPS tracking systems are great tools to help seniors, especially those with dementia or Alzheimers. Seniors who wander or become lost are at serious risk of injury or even death if not quickly found, and GPS tracking systems make the search that much easier.

Medication Tracking
With the sheer number of medications that some seniors are required to take these days, it can be very difficult to keep track of. This can be further exacerbated by medications which are taken at different times of day, or only on certain days. New pill box technologies come with alarms and audible reminders to let seniors know exactly what pills to take at that moment. There are also new phone apps and programs designed to help the more tech savvy senior to keep track of medications, and receive reminders when it’s time.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Fall Detection
There are also new technologies focused around remote monitoring and fall detection for seniors. This technology helps seniors living more independently to still be under continuous surveillance and be able to get quick help should the need arise. These sophisticated devices can detect should a fall occur, and would alert authorities and help should the need arise. Many of these devices also have the previously mentioned GPS built into them.
These are just a small sampling of the numerous new technologies that are available for helping care for seniors. With so many new advances, and the likelihood of new technologies on the horizon, it has never been a better time to be a well-cared for senior.