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Experienced Staff of H&H Total Care Services in BC and Alberta

Our team of highly trained and experienced staff and healthcare personnel understand the needs of seniors and young adults and are hand-picked to ensure our residents are always treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Our team and our philosophy for health and happiness are reasons our residences are the preferred places to be. Contact us to find out which long term care, assisted living or independent living community is just right for you or your loved one.

Andre Van Ryk: Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Andre Van RykAndre Van Ryk, Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Andre has been with H&H since 2006 to assist with the growth of H&H.  Before joining H&H, he was employed as an assurance and business advisor at a public chartered accounting firm. Prior to this position, Andre was the Chief Financial Officer of a group of companies, overseeing operations in three different locations in Eastern and Western United States.  Andre has used these experiences to develop and implement an effective and efficient operating and reporting structure at H&H, and has influenced much of the corporate change since joining H&H. 

Andre remains involved in a numerous non-profit organizations that allow giving back to the community.  It is also in these organizations that Andre, in addition to his influence at H&H, is able to develop and communicate a vision and strategies. 

Hendrik Van Ryk: Chief Operations Officer

Hendrik Van RykDuring Hendrik’s tenure working in health care services, he has played very active roles on boards and committees, including: the Surrey Hospice Society, a task group developing Assisted Living standards and practice guidelines, the executive board of the BC Care Providers Association, the Residential Care Leadership Council in Fraser Health Authority and as an advisory board member to the Assisted Living Centre of Excellence (ALCE).

He has provided labour relations leadership through the bargaining of first collective agreements, renewals of several collective agreements, and several job actions involving employee strike actions. In addition to his labour relations experience, he has developed and implemented company wide human resource policy and procedures.

Hendrik’s experience also includes providing operational and executive involvement and support for expansion to current sites and the development and opening of several new sites over his 25 years with the company. The size of developments ranged in size from 4 million to over 30 million dollars in size throughout BC and Alberta.

Hendrik cares deeply for those who are entrusted to the company’s care and he wants to make those years meaningful and cherished for residents and their family and friends.

Stuart Gerber: VP of Operations, BC

GerberStuart Gerber joined H&H in the spring of 2007, coming out of a 17 year career in Operations Management with an international manufacturing company. 

Stuart brings management proficiency in budgeting, purchasing, cost containment and systems implementation. Over the past decade, he has proven his great ability to work with all manner of peers, employees and outside interests. These skills have proven valuable during past expansion projects, and his aptitude and experience provide H&H with the management skills necessary for our ongoing growth and success. 

Outside the office, Stuart is the chair of a non-profit board which has just completed a construction project, and also sits on other community based committees.

Sarah Matthews: VP of Care Services

Sarah Matthews first joined H & H Total Care Services in 2015, where she was first employed as a Director of Care. In 2019, Sarah accepted the role as VP of Care Services. With over 24 years experience in health care as a Registered Nurse and educated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Social Welfare, Sarah has provided nursing care and clinical leadership across many healthcare portfolios within public and private healthcare sectors in both the UK and Canada. Sarah has drawn upon her wide range of experience including oncology, palliative care, gerontology, chronic disease management and community health services to ensure quality outcomes for those entrusted into her care and leadership.

As Vice President of Care Services, Sarah is responsible for clinical services and oversight of all care programs offered in our care homes within Alberta and British Columbia. Collaborating with many of our partners to ensure care service regulations, best practice clinical standards, and provincial Ministry of Health initiatives are upheld. Sarah shares a deep commitment in leading the organization through continuous education, quality improvement of care services and program development.

Hank Van Ryk: Founder and Director

HankThroughout his career he has worked as the project manager for renovations and new construction of retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, hair salons and auto centres as large as 135,000 square feet. These projects included: set-up, staff recruitment, training and promotions, establishment of operational policies, and oversight of ongoing operations upon opening.

Since 1989, Hank has been involved in the health care sector, primarily focusing on geriatrics. He has personally opened one new community—Bear Creek Lodge—and has helped to establish operational policies for multiple communities.

In May 2015, Hank shifted his direction, and took on the responsibility of being the Founder and a Director of H&H Total Care Services as his prime focus. In this role, he will ensure the company stays true to its mission, vision and values in addition to his ability to provide strategic and operational advice when called upon.

"Our son Dylan is very fortunate to be at Evergreen, the care and attention given to him – and us – is of the highest order."

~ C. & L. Hale

"The staff, from senior on-site management through to the nurses, care aides and housekeeping employees, did everything they could to make her feel welcome and at ease in her new environment. Yes, Health and Happiness is a way of life for us. Thank you Hamlets. You are the kind of Community you claim to be. I am home and I love it."

~ N. Powell

"The Hamlets Community is really one big family caring for the people who have made this their home."

~ Volunteer

"At home he was very unsocial, kept to himself, and didn’t have many friends. However since living here my father is like a new man, he has many new friends and has become very socially active. The Hamlets promotes “Health and Happiness” as a way of life, my father is truly experiencing this way of life."

~ G. Potter

"At home he was very unsocial, kept to himself, and didn’t have many friends. However since living here my father is like a new man, he has many new friends and has become very socially active. The Hamlets promotes “Health and Happiness” as a way of life, my father is truly experiencing this way of life."

~ G. Potter

"I would like to take this time to thank all the staff and care workers for their time and effort in taking care of our daughter and making her feel that Evergreen Hamlets is her home and a place of friendship and love. May God bless and keep you all, thank you."

~ C. & O. Way

"The Hamlets has provided my mother with a loving, caring home. They always do the extra little things for her that makes her feel special. The staff involves me and my mother with all decisions made, so I also feel important and part of the Hamlets Team."

~ T. Riche

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