Finding the right assisted living facility for your loved one can be a truly daunting task. To help you with what could be one of the most important decisions you may make in your (and their) life, we have brought together this list of things to look for when assessing an assisted living facility for your loved one.


Does the community feel clean and fresh, or old and musty? Look past furnishings and check corners, baseboards, windows – are they clean, or do they appear to have been ignored? Ask details about the standard level of cleanliness in the facility and make sure you get details on the maintenance provided to the building – is snow and ice cleared consistently in the winter?


Try to schedule a tour where you can see an event or activity going on at the community. Are the activities well attended? Do they seem enjoyable – to both the residents and the staff? Look at the calendar of events – do they sound boring or fun? Are there any trips away from the community planned? Don’t forget about things that may be important to your loved ones such as religious services.

Staff Attitude

Try to speak with and interact with as many staff members as you can during your visit – do they seem genuinely friendly? Try to see how they interact with residents as well. Do they make eye contact, and listen to their residents? Additionally, find out how many staff are on hand and what type of schedule they work in. It is important to have confidence in the staff at the facility.
Food Options

If you can, try to have a meal at the facility. The dining room experience is generally fairly important to the residents. How many options are they given? Will they cater to dietary needs? What happens if a resident is unable to make it to the dining room for the meal?

Security & Safety

Safety and security features should be one of the most important features of a facility. Are the bathrooms easily accessible? Are any registered nurses on site? Ask to see the emergency protocols in the event there is a true emergency. Ask about any specific medical needs regarding your loved one.

When touring facilities, make sure to trust your instincts – if something feels “off”, it very well may be! Come into a community with an open mind, but hold tight to the guidelines that you feel are most important for the safety and comfort of your loved one.