With so many of us sheltering in place and with social gathering restrictions across the country it can feel like holiday cheer is in short supply in 2020. Here are some little ways you can help spread some holiday cheer around your communities even if you cannot quite do all the things you normally do this time of year. Many of the activities listed here are free, such as sharing traditions and recipes.

Take Your Family on a Virtual Tour

If you are online enabled, you can share the joy of your community with your family through video chat over a phone or tablet. Take them on a walkaround of all the festive goings on in your care community so you can spend time together virtually even if you cannot be together physically.

Share Some of Your Special Holiday Traditions

Everyone has those special little things they like to do around the holidays that have become unique traditions to you and your family and since so many are not able to see their families this holiday season why not spread those traditions to a new audience. Small things like cookie recipes or exchanges, favorite decorating ideas, having mulled apple cider on Sunday evenings in December, you, and others around you might discover something wonderful you can share.

Holiday Music

Playing your old holiday favorites and getting your neighbors involved can help brighten up your environment. Listen, dance, enjoy and share some bright and nostalgic holiday memories.

Holiday Baking

Nothing says the holidays like cooking and baking, whip out your favorite recipes and get baking. Good food is good for the soul and everyone remembers their favorite holiday treats from year to year.


Doors and Balconies are a great place to set up decorations for others to see and can really get the holiday spirit flowing. Wreaths, Holly, Tree Lights and small decorations can be great to hang on doors and railings.

Hopefully, we’ve given you plenty of ideas on how to brighten up the season and wish you a very Happy Holidays.

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