When we choose which senior care homes to place our trust in, we want to ensure that there is quality residential care for the seniors living there. Residential care management should ensure that the senior care homes meet and exceed several key features, including:

– Food Services
– Level of Social Engagement
– Direct Care Hours and access to physical, occupational and recreational therapies

Food Services

Quality residential care facilities should provide quality food services. Meals should not only be nutritious, but also prepared in a sanitary environment, following all food safe guidelines. Quality care should also include a variety of food types, providing choice and diverse options for the seniors.

Level of Social Engagement

Quality residential care should also provide a high level of social engagement for the seniors living there. This can include not only facilities to encourage interaction, but care home sponsored events and outings. There should also be a high degree of social engagement between the workers and the residents.

Direct Care Hours

Further, seniors should have access to suitable direct care hours. These are the times that health practitioners such as Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, Physio and Occupational Therapists, Recreational Therapists, and more, are dedicated to caring for their residents each day. A quality residential care home will have access to these care hours on a consistent, regular and frequent basis.

While room configuration, location, and other features may also be key considerations when choosing a senior care home, a quality home will make sure to meet and exceed these key features. When choosing a senior care home for yourself or a loved one, make sure to discuss and learn how these features are being met at each option.