Is there an application process for long term care in BC?
Answer: Yes.

Entering a long term care community in British Columbia is a necessity for many seniors. These residential care homes can provide long term care services 24 hours a day, including accommodations, care plans, social and recreational activities, meals, laundry and so on.

Before applying for long term care in BC, there are some eligibility criteria that you or your loved one must meet. According to the BC government, long term care communities in BC are meant for seniors who:
– Have severe behavioural problems on a continuous basis
– are cognitively impaired
– are physically dependent, with medical needs; or
– are clinically complex, with multiple disabilities or complex medical conditions

In addition to this general eligibility criteria, there are a number of other criteria that must be met, requiring that you:
– have been assessed as having 24-hour professional nursing supervision and care needs that cannot be adequately met in your home or by housing and health services;
– are at significant risk by remaining in your current living environment, and the degree of risk is not manageable using available community resources and services;
– have an urgent need for long-term care services;
– have been investigated and treated for medical causes of disability and dependency that may have been remedial;
– have a caregiver living with unacceptable risk to their well-being, have a caregiver who is no longer able to provide care and support, or do not have a caregiver; and
– have agreed to pay your assessed rate and charges for any optional services, programs or supplies that you choose, that are not included as a benefit but are offered by the long-term care home.

If you meet this criteria, or are interested in arranging for long term care, there is an application process which can be started online yourself, or a healthcare professional can make a referral on your behalf. When beginning the application process, it must be done through your regions healthcare provider (ie. Fraser Health, Coastal Health, Northern Health etc).

The first step after requesting long term care is that a healthcare professional will contact you to determine eligibility and arrange to have a needs assessment conducted.

For links for application, and for more information on the application process for long term care, visit or talk to your healthcare provider. If you or a loved one would benefit from long term care, make sure that you begin the application process as soon as possible, as it can take some time to carry out.