Selecting a senior independent-living community is a big step for seniors. We would like to give you some tips to consider when making your decision.

Visit the Community

See what it looks like. Does it look clean? How do the residents look? Does it appear to be well-staffed. These are things that you can only see if you go in person. See what your impressions are.


Consider the location. Location can be important. For example are you reasonably near family and friends? Are you near a commercial airport so friends and family can come to visit? Maybe there is something else about location that interests you such as being close to a shopping mall or near the ocean for walking.

Amenities and Activities

When you go to visit ask about amenities and activities. Is there a staff person dedicated to planning a full calendar of activities for the senior? Are there green areas outside for walking? What is the policy for meals and for laundry? Can you do your own laundry? Can someone do it for you?

Advanced Care

Some senior communities have different levels of care available at the same location. There is an advantage for choosing a senior independent-living community that also offers more advanced care on a different floor, wing, or in a different building. Having more advanced care available at the same location means that you would not have to move if you eventually require more care. This is definitely something to consider and is important to some seniors.

These are just a few tips for what to look for when considering the move to a senior independent-living community. Please feel free to reach out to us at any of our several locations in western Canada if you would like to know more about our senior care services.

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