Baby boomers are the generation of individuals born roughly between 1948 and 1964 in an age of prosperity after World War II. As this group of people age, they have made different demands on senior communities, and the communities are changing as a result. What does this generation of individuals want? They want more.

This is a group of people that statistically are living longer and healthier lives than the generation before. They live a healthier lifestyle, are more active, eat better, and more plugged. The response by senior communities has been to cater to this group that is now retiring.

More Activities

Baby boomers have always been active, and they want to continue being active in their retirement community. As a result, these communities offer many more activities than ever before, varied activities that stimulate both the mind and body. We know that staying active is good for seniors, so having more activities available in a senior community is good for them.

Better Food

Along with a healthier lifestyle, these ageing baby boomers eat healthier, too. They want better food that is not only healthy but interesting and appetizing. This group of people is much more aware of how important food is for the mind and body and expect to see that high quality each and every day.

Computer Access

Previous generations of seniors were not so interested in how good the Wi-Fi was. But baby boomers are very plugged in and require excellent internet access. Most of these seniors have smartphones and know how to use them.

Physical Fitness

Baby boomers are more preoccupied with physical fitness and want not only exercise activities, but they want access to areas where they can be outside and walk or do other outside sports. As a result, senior communities are designed with these needs in mind, with easy access to walk trails and parks.

Overall, demands of the baby boomer generation have improved the quality of senior communities. Our senior residential services are on the cutting edge of offering the best communities to answer all of the desires of this generation.

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