Intergenerational activities are vital to improving the physical health, mental health and happiness of seniors in living communities in BC & AB. Intergenerational activities can take a variety of forms, from a grandchild spending time with a grandparent, to a school group visiting a residential care home. Whatever form these activities take, they all work to improve senior living.

Intergenerational activities have been shown to drastically reduce loneliness in the senior population. Activities with seniors and younger generations have been shown to spark joy and happiness in seniors, reducing the frequency of depression and those feelings of loneliness.

As a product of this increased emotional state, seniors tend to be more active, both physically and mentally. As a result, intergenerational activities have a direct impact on the overall health and well-being of our most important population.

There are also benefits to the younger generation from these activities. Younger people get to learn from the vast array of knowledge and skills our seniors have. They also learn to develop patience, empathy and a sense of caring from these experiences.

Most importantly, these activities remind everyone just how important our seniors are. Make sure to take the time to participate in activities with our seniors. And, if you are a senior reading this, make sure you take the time to engage in these fun, social activities. They are worth it for everyone.