The COVID-19 pandemic has brought considerable changes to our society; it has curtailed the travel industry, caused the introduction of masks and physical distancing, and ruined more than a few people’s plans for 2020.

If you had been considering transitioning to a senior living community, don’t let COVID get in the way! Throughout these times, The Hamlets at all of our locations continue to be a safe and comfortable place for you to live in a caring community.


We have developed a rigorous system of checks to help ensure that the pandemic stays in the news and not in our community. Each staff member, contractor, and visitor is screened daily to curb potential spread before it happens. Caregivers will now don PPE before interactions with residents, and we are meticulously following a set of visitation guidelines and cleaning procedures to keep our residents safe.


The Hamlets offer the opportunity to live independently in your own apartment while still having the chance to socialize and interact with others; we organize regular entertainment events and outings into the community. Life at the Hamlets also includes delicious meals prepared daily, allowing you to socialize with new friends instead of worrying about dishes. As always, our staff are on hand to support any mental or physical health needs.

Living independently at the Hamlets continues to be a safe and comfortable alternative to living alone in the community. Regardless of the pandemic, it is still a great time to consider your move today!

H&H Total Care Services is a privately held company based in Surrey, BC, that is a leader in providing senior and young adult residential care services. With communities in both British Columbia and Alberta, H&H Total Care Services offers a wide range of compassionate care services from independent living to long-term complex care.

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