Long-term care communities in British Columbia have several health priorities. Some are based on the current climate, such as dealing with COVID-19, and others have a longer history, such as nutrition and the psychological well-being of residents.

Health priorities are intended to keep residents healthy, happy, and safe. Here, below, are some of the most important ones.


We mention COVID-19 first because the advent of COVID-19 required many changes in long-term care communities. Since those in long-term care are inherently more fragile, keeping these residents safe is a high priority. From wearing masks, to frequent hand-washing, limiting visitors, and early vaccination for residents and health-care workers, these communities have made many changes in order to keep residents as safe as possible. 


Nutrition is a big priority. That’s why careful thought is put into meal planning to make sure that the special nutritional needs of residents are being addressed on an ongoing basis. Meals and snacks should be varied and appealing, but also meet nutritional and caloric requirements.

Heat Injury

This year’s intense summer heat has brought attention to issue of heat injury. Long-term care communities are paying special attention to the hydration of residents to make sure that they are not unduly suffering from the heat.

Psychological Health

Another health priority is that of psychological health. That means that residents in long-term care need adequate stimulation for their psychological health. Varied activities and attention paid to the spiritual needs of residents are all part of maintaining psychological health.

British Columbia has a BC Residents’ Bill of Rights. This document was added to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and Hospital Act in 2009. These rights outline what residents can expect and have a right to when living in a long-term care community.

Long-term care communities work hard to make sure that these residents’ rights are being respected while also meeting all of the health priorities in order to keep residents healthy, happy, and safe.

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