Cold and flu prevention is especially important for seniors, young children, and those with chronic health conditions.

Cold and flu season is upon us! Are you prepared? Here are our top cold & flu prevention tips to help you stay healthy this season.

Proper hand hygiene is the single most important procedure for the prevention of infection.

1. Wash your hands frequently. You should be washing your hands after:

  • Immediately, if skin is broken or punctured
  • Before handling food or drinks
  • After using the washroom
  • When hands are visibly soiled
  • After blowing your nose
  • After smoking
  • After contact with animals

2. Follow the proper hand washing procedure (courtesy of Fraser Health):

  1. Wet hands with water
  2. Apply an adequate amount of the appropriate soap
  3. Use friction to wash all surfaces of both hands, including web spaces, thumbs, wrists, and the back of the hands
  4. Rub nail beds against the opposite palm
  5. Wash for a at least 15-20 seconds (if you need a timer, sing Happy Birthday!)
  6. Rinse thoroughly with a steady flow of warm water
  7. Dry hands with clean paper towels
  8. Use paper towels to turn off taps
  9. Discard paper towel

3. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Getting enough nutrients can greatly reduce your risk of getting sick.

4. Get a flu shot.

The flu shot helps protect both you and those around you.

5. After blowing your nose, discard the tissue immediately.

6. Cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not your hands.

And last, but not least…

7. Stay home if you’re sick!

Cold & Flu Prevention