Choosing the right type of care for your aging parent in Canada can be an extremely difficult decision to make. With so many factors to consider, and options available, you want to ensure that your loved one is in the right environment, receiving the right care. Here are some of the residential care options available, and what they generally include.

Assisted Living
Assisted living services are designed for Seniors who can still independently live and take care of themselves, but require support due to physical health challenges. Generally, this means that the senior in question is still able to make thoughtful decisions on his or her own, but requires support carrying out physical tasks such as cleaning, cooking, washing and more.

Independent Living
Independent living is different from assisted living in that individuals are able to still live independently, and do not rely on support for physical activities, but enjoy having access to them when required. Independent living comes with minimal assistance, and things such as meals and cleaning may not be included. This is ideal for those who wish to remain completely independent, but have help right there if the need should arise.

Dementia Care
Dementia care is a unique option, as the needs of a person suffering from dementia are more complicated than others. Dementia care has specially trained staff that are able to make life as comfortable and consistent for those with dementia as possible. They also have unique training that allows them to face the challenges that caring for a dementia patient presents, and do so in a respectful and dignified manner.

Ultimately, you need to not only consider where your loved one is at now, but what level of care that he or she might need in 5, 10 or even 15 years. Choosing the right type if residential care today should consider tomorrow.