Senior care is becoming a much larger and more thought about industry than in previous generations. One aspect of senior care that is really trending and growing is the idea of person-centered care. The idea of person-centered care is a holistic approach to care which focuses on enhancing one’s health and well-being through the following channels:

• Creative being;
• Intellectual being;
• Social wellness;
• Spiritual being; and
• Physical health.

Person-Centered Care for Seniors

Person-centered care encompasses the actives and services planned for each resident according to their preferences and values. Each person’s choices, dignity, and individuality is honoured and encouraged. When seniors are allowed to offer their own perspective on their care and services, their lives within the care home are enhanced. This type of care has shown to increase the livelihoods of patients with cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

Finding Person-Centered Care

When looking for a care facility for a loved one, spend some time at the community to see how comfortable you and your loved ones feel being within the premises. Does every patient appear to have autonomy and choices in their care? Moving into a new community is a huge transition for our loved ones – ensuring that they will keep their dignity and have their needs meet in the way they would like means that they will be able to continue to live their best life.