Do you know how to plan ahead to provide care for your aging parents? Many parents as they reach their retirement years struggle to pass responsibility for these decisions on to their children, but the reality is that the sooner these matters are discussed, the easier the transition will be into the retirement years.

When discussing a care plan with our elderly parents, it is important to be sensitive to the fact that our parents may fear losing control or they may feel that they are giving away information that feels private to them. While these things do need to be discussed, it is important to tread lightly when beginning the conversations.

Below is a list of things that should be discussed as early as possible into your parents’ retirement years, to ensure their happiness and wellbeing as they age – and to keep everyone on the same page:

  • Finances – all accounts should be spoken for, contacts should be in order, and accounts should be consolidated and simplified where possible.
  • Insurance – prepare a list of all policies and contact information, review all policies to ensure they are adequate and up-to-date.
  • Legal Documents – make sure they have a will in place, and power of attorney for health decisions, finances, and life-prolonging care.
  • Living Arrangements – determine what kind of living situation is suitable, arrange for any modifications to their home, and determine whether there are contingencies in place.
  • Health – keep a list of their doctors, medications, and insurance companies.

To be sure to have peace of mind that everything is in order with your aging parents, it is a great idea to start to discuss their care plan as they enter into their retirement years. Planning ahead can save a lot of stress and headache for both you and your parents.