Have you ever noticed that you feel more alert after having some tea or coffee? Or that you feel sleepy after a heavy holiday meal? Then you probably know intuitively that what we eat affects how we feel. The mind and body are connected, all day every day. If eating a good diet is good for our body, then that same good diet is also good for our minds.

Eating a good diet means getting enough calories, protein, and trace minerals to meet the nutritional needs of your body including your brain. If you don’t eat a good diet, then your body doesn’t work as well, and neither does your mind.

There is significant research in the area of diet and mental health, and there is emerging evidence that diet is important for feeling well, regulating the emotions, sleeping better, and thinking clearly. This is particularly important for seniors who want to feel the best they can feel as they age.

What diet is good for the brain?

If you are wondering what diet is or style of eating is best for the aging brain, eating more plant-based foods, drinking enough water, and staying away from overly processed foods are the basic suggestions. Eat less refined sugar and fewer fried foods. Eat more plant-based foods. It’s that simple. Your brain needs adequate nutrition to function properly just like your muscles do, and there is much more nutrition in a colorful salad, than there is in a candy bar.

Everything you eat fuels both your brain and body. So, stop and think for a minute before you reach for a sugary cereal at the grocery store. Spend more time in the produce section exploring all the unique tastes and textures. There is no fountain of youth, and we cannot stop the aging process. But giving your body and brain the best foods available can make a big difference in your mental health.






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