Long term care services in BC, such as a long term care home, provide continued support and care for seniors who require frequent attention. There are a number of benefits to this type of care home, including:

– Quality Care

– Recreation and Community

– Physical Support

Quality Care

As the name suggests, long term care homes provide the benefit of having skilled and compassionate care staff available at all times. This means that not only will the basic needs of seniors be met, but as these needs increase new levels of care and support can be offered. Quality care means that things such as hygiene, medication management and meals are done right, with care, and without worry.

Recreation and Community

Living alone can feel isolating, especially for a senior who is unable to leave their home often. Long term care homes provide a number of activities and social events as part of their regular programming. These activities not only provide opportunities for seniors to be physically and mentally active, but also meet their fellow residents and create new friendships and social bonds. Recreation and a sense of community helps to ward off depression, and keep seniors healthier.

Physical Support

Caring for a family member that has increasing needs for physical support can begin to be overwhelming and feel impossible. A benefit of a care home is that we know that these needs are being met. Trying to meet these needs ourselves is not easy, so having a long term care home can take away this pressure and stress.

The opportunity for seniors to go into a long term care home is not negative. These residences provide exceptional care, and many seniors find a higher quality of life is possible living there.