Imagine living in a place where everyday is full of new adventures and activities to be enjoyed. Senior living communities in Alberta, such as The Hamlets, offer a wide range of fun and engaging activities for those who call it home. Here are a few activities that no senior living community should be without.

Exercise Programs
You have probably heard over and over again just how important exercise is. Not only does it help keep you physically healthy, but also improves mood and mental heath as well. Exercise programs can range from stretching classes, to yoga and lawn bowling. Many seniors are not sure where to start, or how to exercise on their own, so offering exercise programs that meet the needs of all of the community members is an activity that no community should ever be without.

Card and Board Games
Of course, time to socialize with friends is also extremely important in keeping up mental and emotional health. Retirement communities should always offer a chance for community members to meet up and enjoy cards, board games, or other clubs and hobbies.

Music and Entertainment
Who doesn’t like to be entertained? Many seniors in independent living may find it difficult to go out to concerts or shows, so bringing them to the care community is important. Music, shows and other live entertainment should be offered as much as possible.

Religious Services
Finally, for residents with religious beliefs, sermons and other spiritual offerings are important. Many times seniors may be unable to leave and travel to a church, so having a group meeting or church service at the care home is the next best thing.

When choosing a care home, make sure to take a look at the activities calendar and ensure that your care community offers activities that you will enjoy.