Canadians always welcome the return of warmer weather. As the days get longer and the snow melts, everyone is eager to spend some time outside—and not beneath several layers of winter clothing! Around this time it is common for people to get inadvertently sunburned; our skin is not accustomed to so much daylight and we tend to underestimate the strength of the spring sun—but we still welcome the season!

This year marks an especially anticipated spring, since many of us have been tightly locked down for most of the winter. Senior communities in Western Canada have weathered the season with admirable stoicism. The coming summer represents more than just the ability to spend time outdoors—this year, it’s just as much about getting out of our indoor spaces! The great outdoors in the warmer months can provide a great spot to safely venture forth and—depending on the current health regulations—visit with friends and family on physically-distanced walks or visits.

The vaccine rollout also continues to make this a promising summer. We often associate sunshine with optimism, and there should be plenty of each as we head into the warmer months. There has been the occasional snag in Canada’s vaccine rollout, but it continues rolling along steadily. On the whole, this is one of the more optimistic timelines that could have been projected for this monumental task.

The pandemic is not over yet—but this summer we might indulge in some cautious optimism. If we continue to do our part, i.e. by washing our hands and wearing masks in close quarters, we can help to ensure that the rest of the vaccine rollout proceeds smoothly. Everyone wants to enjoy their summer, and by working together, we can help to ensure this scenario.

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