Seniors living in senior care communities and independent living communities in AB & BC are retaining their independence and quality of life for longer than ever before. One recent innovation that is helping with this is the number of phone apps that have offered greater independence. Here are a few of these apps.

Red Panic Button
Perhaps one of the most common apps to help seniors remain independent, while still providing assistance if needed, is the Red Panic Button. This simple app allows the user a quick way to send out a panic signal to a predetermined list of recipients should an accident or medical emergency happen. This app can be a life saver, and is a must have for independent seniors.

Seniors who stay mentally active and keep their brains engaged are able to remain independent for longer. Luminosity is an app that can help with this. This memory improving app contains games and puzzles that are designed to keep your brain working, helping with memory recall and information retention. This can lead to greater independence.

Magnifying Glass With Light
One issue facing independent seniors is that of deteriorating eye-sight. Not being able to read small print or other publications is one of the reasons seniors may begin to lose their independence. The Magnifying Glass with Light app uses the phones camera and flashlight to act as a simple magnifying glass, making it easier to read instructions, newspapers, menus, mail or almost anything else. A must-have for independent seniors.

Technology can be intimidating for some seniors, but fortunately these and many more apps are designed to be user friendly, and not cause further frustrations. Make sure to try out these apps and many others to see how they can help you to remain active, and independent.