There are over 570 million blogs on the internet as of last year. And if you enjoy reading blogs, there are some great Canadian senior living blogs as well. Here are five great senior blogs that we have curated for you to explore.

The seniortoronto blog is a great place to start. The writer discusses the reality of aging as well as the joys of everyday life. Most blogs are organized with the most recent posts at the front. But you can start reading anywhere and read as much as you like. There is considerable information about activities in the Toronto area.

Engagingwithaging is written by a woman in her nineties. It’s a very interesting and intelligent blog written by a retired nurse. There is lots of discussion about science and aging. And this blog is proof that you can start writing a blog at any age if it interests you. And there are sites where you can blog for free.

The activeaging blog is in association with the University of British Columbia. You will find a wealth of topics of interest to seniors such as staying connected during COVID-19, and the differences in aging between Canadian-born seniors and immigrant seniors.

Most caregiver communities have a blog like ours with general topics of interest to seniors. Popular blogs will address current topics that readers want to learn about—like blogging!

Livingmaples is a senior-focused lifestyle blog with articles on topics that would be of interest to seniors living anywhere in Canada. You will find articles on everything from the best dogs for seniors to discussion on bath therapy.

You can learn quite a bit by reading blogs. All of the blogs mentioned above have a Canadian focus except for the engagingwithaging blog which is included here because it is so well known. And if you want to start blogging on your own there is a timely article on that if you check out livingmaples.


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